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About Us

Since 1957, CAÑELLAS Y MICOLAU, S.A. has developed into a company that specialised in leather and rubber techniques.

Now operating in a wider market, our experience allows us to develop a significant competitive advantage: a quick response to our customers demand of sealing gaskets, mainly in small and medium length batches, among the over 10,000 references we manufacture.

Keeping to our target of guaranteeing the highest level of final product quality, we have set a quality control program that includes reception of raw materials, production processes and control of final product. At the same time we have set introduced the necessary training plans to ensure that our staff are up to date with the latest technological devices.

     We have also modernised our mechanics workshop, that allows us to produce moulds, which lets us improve our prices and delivery times. On our products section you will find over 7,000 of our standard references catalogued by families.

Do not hesitate to contact us for special projects, whatever the type, we have the solution for your needs and we guarantee the maximum quality in a minimum time.: If you are looking for small quantities of a special rubber parts, washers, seals, toroidal seals, shafts, wipers, collars, packings etc CAMITEC HAS THE SOLUTION.

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